Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Results.....sort of

I had my diagnostic mammogram this afternoon.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!

Basically, the culprit is microcalcifications.  You can read more at  Breast calcifications -  They are common in women and usually not cancerous.  I had a biopsy of some calcifications 4 years ago that were benign.  The new ones are on a different side and hard to see. 

The radiologist will send his report to my doctor.  I already have an appointment scheduled with my doctor after Ecuador, so we can discuss my options (biopsy, another mammogram in 6 months, watch and wait, etc.) and his recommendations.  Shawn and I will make a decision at that point on how we should proceed.

God is so good.  I've been in this situation before so I am not overcome with fear or anxiety.  My focus is completely on the orphans in Ecuador and God's call to minister to them.

Interestingly, I shared my personal testimony at a women's retreat a few weeks ago.  In preparation for it, God had me read through my journals from the past 6 years.  Don't worry, I tend to journal in spurts, not on a daily basis.  Anyway, I read about my previous biopsy experience so it is quite fresh in my mind. God used it to prepare me for "such a time as this."  He is so loving and merciful. 

I am praising Him today.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Answer to my Prayer

It has been a long time since I have blogged! I am not even sure if I remember how so please be patient with me. I am in a new season of life so I decided to create a new blog. Designing it was not a priority today. I promise to work on that soon. Actually blogging is my goal tonight. I sense I will not get any rest until I do this post. So, please forgive my blog appearance. I'm grateful God looks past our appearance and sees our heart.

I leave on Saturday for Ecuador to minister to orphans and share Jesus with them. I have been asking God if He wants me to blog about the trip. Well, today He answered me.

(Un)Fortunately for you, I'm a detail-oriented person who must start at the beginning. This morning, I was feeling pretty good about being prepared for my trip. LOL! I went to Bible study ("Jonah" by Priscilla Shirer) and our DVD lesson started with a story about missionaries in Ecuador! Only God!

After church, I went to Target to pick up some things for my trip. When I returned to my car, someone had run over a double carton of Silk milk and my car was covered in it. That is some thick, chunky stuff! I could barely see out of the windshield.

I drove home with the intent of washing my car as soon as I got there. However, I took a load of stuff inside first and noticed the answering machine was blinking. I had a message from the nurse at my doctor's office. Odd. I only go there once a year and my appointment isn't for another 2 weeks. Why would the nurse be calling? Odd.

I returned the call and spoke with the receiptionist who was from ECUADOR! She was the second person in that office from there. I spoke to the first one when I called to schedule my appointment a few weeks ago. Only God!

The receiptionist told me the nurse had called about my mammogram results. I had a mammogram 2 weeks ago and hadn't received the customary letter in the mail yet. Apparently, my recent mammogram was not sufficient and I had been scheduled for a diagnostic mammogram next week. Being in Ecuador makes that appointment impossible to keep so I called the Women's Diagnostic Center to reschedule.

I spoke to a very sweet lady at the Women's Center who ended up talking with her supervisor to get me in THIS week - actually TOMORROW (Wednesday) for the 2nd mammogram. The lady I spoke to was obviously a Christian (based on our conversation), and she made it her priority to get me in before my trip. According to their calendar, they were completely booked this week. Only God!!!

I had my first mammogram 4 years ago and had some questionable results that led to a biopsy. Everything turned out fine, and I've had a clean mammogram every year since then. But this year's x-ray showed something that needs to be investigated. The devil looking for a foothold before Ecuador?

Meanwhile, the Silk milk was continuing to curd on my car! Finally, I was free to wash it. And wouldn't you know it, the sun shining on the water from the hose created RAINBOWS!!! Rainbows are God's sign to me of His presence and His promises. And He promises never to leave me nor forsake me. So, no matter the mammogram results, God will be with me. Did I mention that I had to wash my car 3 times to get (most of) the milk off?!! That just meant God gave me 3 times the rainbows! Only God!

It was while I was washing my car (the first time) that I sensed God saying "Yes, you must blog about Ecuador, and you must start today." I realize that I would not be blogging right now if the mammogram situation had not occurred today. Only God! He took a serious situation and used it to motivate me to start a new blog. A new blog "for the display of HIS splendor!"

Please pray for the doctor to be able to read my mammogram results clearly and confidently tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1:30pm. I'll keep you posted.

Loving HIM with all my heart,