Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Late Again!

Here it is after midnight on the night before a mission trip - AGAIN!  I had planned all week to get caught up on my God stories.  I have so many to share with you!

Instead, I was offered a ministry opportunity at church.  God made it clear to me that I was supposed to seize this opportunity.  So, I did.  Therefore, I stll have lots of stories to tell you. And God added a few more this week too!

My eyes are begging to close, and my headache is begging for some advil cold & sinus medicine. 

Faith and I, along with 68 of our closest friends, are going to Jamaica tomorrow (Monday.)  I'm really excited about this trip.  It will also be Faith's first international mission trip and her first time on a plane.  We are going to have a good time. 

I will not be able to take my computer to blog on this trip :(  I will keep a journal & take lots and lots of pictures to share when I return though.

Will you please pray for us?

Pray for us to take a deep breath when we arrive at the airport bright & early at 6:00 a.m. and be able to shift our minds from packing mode to ministering mode.

Pray for us to have opportunities to share Jesus in the airports and on the planes.

Pray for the families we will be staying with in Jamaica (We will be staying in individual houses.) This is one thing that I am REALLY excited about.

Thank God in advance for the lives He's going to change and the souls He's going to save.

Will you please say a special prayer for me?  I will be leading a woman's Bible study in Jamaica while the kids are in VBS.  I've been planning my lessons for months.  Then a few nights ago, God changed everything!  

Pray for the ladies to open up and be honest with themselves and with God.  Pray for lives to be transformed.

Pray for the 700+ children (in 3 different churches) we will be ministering to all week through VBS, sports, & hanging out.  We will have a medical team and a construction team too. We will also go to 2 orphanages on Saturday.  Ask God to use us to show His love to the people in Jamaica.

Pray for us to be completely surrendered to God and to minister in His strength and not our own.

Pray for our team to be unified through the Holy Spirit, despite our large number.

Okay, I have to get a couple of hours of sleep.


Thank you.

Loving HIM with all my heart & soul,

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