Wednesday, November 9, 2011

God at Work

On Tuesday mornings, I attend a ladies Bible study at my church.  Yesterday, I sat at a table with this beautiful young lady...

Her name is Emily.

During the course of our conversation, Emily asked me about my upcoming trip to Africa.  She asked which countries we were going to and if we would be going to an orphanage.

I told her we were going to lots of orphanages to love on lots of children in 2 different countries.

She said that God had laid Africa on her heart.  She knew she couldn't go to Africa any time soon because she has a 2 year old and a 9 month old, but she definitely felt led to be involved there.

Then she shared that while she was making pillow case dresses for her Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, she sensed that God wanted her to make some dresses for Africa too.  She asked me if I would be interested in taking the dresses with me to Africa.

With my mouth wide open and tears welling up in my eyes, I almost fell out of my chair!  I couldn't believe my ears!

You see, when we went camping 2 weekends ago Robert, one of our camping buddies who recently returned from his 2nd trip to Africa, shared some of his mission trip stories & pictures with me and my husband. 

He told us about the ladies on his team making (& recruiting other people to make) pillow case dresses for the girls they ministered to in Africa.  When I saw the pictures of the girls receiving their dresses & how excited they were, I looked at my husband and said "I wish I could sew!"  The expression on the girls' faces (when they got their dresses) was priceless!

Now, here was Emily telling me that God had her making pillow case dresses for Africa!!! 

She made 5 dresses Monday - before she even knew how the dresses were going to get to Africa!  And yesterday she made several more while her kids were napping!  Check out these dresses...

Are they not just absolutely adorable??!!!

Then when I told Emily we were going to Uganda & Kenya, her face LIT UP!  Kenya is the country God has laid on her heart!  W.O.W. 


She can SEW and I can GO!  That my friends is how our Almighty God works!!!

He is the Father to the fatherless!  And He is having new dresses made for his precious girls in Kenya!

When God prompts you to do something, DO IT!  Especially when it doesn't make sense or you don't have all of the details.  TRUST HIM and DO IT! 

Here are a few side notes:

1)  Emily has been searching for a way to use the gifts & talents that God has given her.  She wants to share His love with others and fulfill His plans & purposes.  During this season of her life as a young wife & mom, making pillow case dresses is something she can do to have an impact for Christ!  She is making herself available to God!  She is following His prompting!  She is glorifying Him!      

2)  I couldn't wait to tell Robert & his wife Stephanie about the pillow case dresses!  I figured I would have to hunt them down on Facebook or get their contact info from a mutual friend.  Wrong!  When I got home & checked my e-mail, there in my inbox was an e-mail from Robert's wife Stephanie!!!  God brought her to me!

3)  My cellphone doesn't work in a lot of areas around town.  I had it sitting on my lap last night & noticed that I had missed a call.  It apparently went straight to voice mail due to my location because it never rang.  Anyway, I listened to the message while sitting in the driveway of one of the 9th grade girls I was picking up for Tuesday night small group.  The message was from Nancy, a dear lady at church who I've been in several Bible studies with over the years.  Guess what?  Emily is her daughter!  I had NO idea!!!  I never connected the dots.  After listening to Nancy's message, I apparently made a comment out loud because one of the girls in my van asked me what was going on.  Ahhh, the perfect opportunity to share this God story with the next generation!!!

Don't you just love how God works!!!  

Loving HIM with all  my heart & soul,

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