Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Need to be Honest

I just counted 5 posts about Africa that I have been working on since we returned from Uganda and Kenya 3 weeks ago.

Honestly, I have been writing the New Year's Day post for more than a week now.  God did so much in my life that day!  I NEVER want to forget.  So, I'm including lots of details.

Honestly, I readjusted to East Coast time last week and stopped getting up at 3 a.m. to blog - which I miss so much!

Honestly, I started working again last week (while my kids are in school.)  What a huge blessing!!!  But, my time to blog has been drastically reduced.

Honestly, I'm afraid once I finish blogging about Africa, our time there will become just a collection of pictures and sweet memories.  Even though, it was much, much more than that.

So please bare with me as I continue to (slowly) blog and savor every single thing God did in Africa and in our hearts.  It's about the process (journey), not the end result, right??!!!

Loving HIM with all my heart & soul,

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