Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jesus Makes All The Difference

*NOTE* We head to Kenya tomorrow (1/2/12) and most likely will not have internet access.  I still have the past 2 days to blog about and GOD HAS DONE SOME AMAZING THINGS! here in Uganda!!  So much happened today that I need some time to process before I share.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS - please don't stop now!

Friday 12/30/11     11:23 pm Jinja      3:23 pm SC

As I write, a 24 hour prayer service is taking place at the church on the Canaan Children’s Home grounds.  The presence of the Lord is unbelievably strong here.

This morning, we checked out of the guest house in Kampala Uganda and drove for over an hour to a children’s prison (referred to as M1) in another town.  Only some of the children at M1 actually have criminal charges.  Most have been abandoned or orphaned.  Parents can literally just drop their child off at the facility & leave them there.

Both males and females reside at M1 but are housed separately.  Out of the 200 children living there, only about 8 to 10 were female.  

When we arrived, it was almost breakfast time – time for them to eat their porridge cooked by several of the older boys in huge pots over an open fire.

They drank their porridge (which is water & corn flour mixed together.)

Then we had a time of worship with the kids who wanted to attend and the folks from Sixty Feet Ministries.  This was a special time. One of my favorite parts was forming a “Conga line” while praising God through song and just dancing before Him.

Today I asked God again to show me the children He wanted me to reach out to.  Initially I tried talking to some of the older girls, but they weren’t very interested.  So, I prayed for clarity and God answered.  I sensed Him telling me to be a mom to one of the kids that was hurt.  I spotted a young boy who had a cut on his leg, but before I could get to him, he left the room.  So, I waited.

After worship, we went outside and played games with the children.  Shawn & I threw the frisbee with a group for a long time.  Then when I couldn’t stand the sun & heat anymore, I headed for the shade.  I sat down beside a boy and started talking with him.  That’s when I noticed a gash on his foot.  He told me he had gotten burned by the fire used to cook the porridge.  It looked bad.  It looked painful.  But guess what I had in my bag?  Medicine and band-aides!!!  Here was the hurt boy God wanted me “to mother.”
He is the reason I was at M1 today.  I was able to pray with him before we left too.

Here is everyone at “parade” which is count time.  They line up by age groups.

After leaving M1, we drove for 4+ hours to Canaan Children’s Home in Jinja.  All of our weariness disappeared when we pulled up and the children hollered & ran to us.  We were barely able to get off the bus!!!  We received a very warm welcome from the staff as well.  Tears.  It was so touching.

Lucy was one of the children who attached herself to me.  She sang the entire time we were together!  Oh the joy little Lucy has!  That all of the children have!  That all of the adults have too!  There is no mistake about it – JESUS LIVES HERE!!!  WOW!!!

Fortunately, we will be staying here in the guest quarters for 3 nights.  YAY GOD!  I am looking very forward to being a part of what our Heavenly Father is doing here!

God is the Father to the fatherless!

Loving HIM with all my heart & soul, 

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