Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Being in the middle of the world

On Monday afternoon (10/4), we went to the equator also known as La Mitad del Mundo (the Middle of the World) in Ecuador.  It was such a neat place.  Only God could have designed it.


This gentleman asked us where we were from.  When we answered SC, he said, "Go Gamecocks!"  (He was from Utah.)  With a response like that, I had to take a picture with him.  We haven't seen may Americans here so I find it funny that I'm at the equator in Ecuador meeting a Gamecock fan from Utah with a Guns and Roses song playing in English in the backgound at the gift shop!  Interesting. 

After we left the equator, we hit the streets.  We no sooner got off the bus that we began sharing the Gospel with people.  The Holy Spirit was at work!!!  We were out of Bibles and salvation bracelets in less than 30 minutes!   

This gentleman sat down to read his Bible as soon as he received it.  He was very excited.

This sweet little girl received a children's Bible and her mom heard the plan of salvation!
People were coming up to us asking about Bibles, bracelets, and Jesus.  There was one older man who walked past us and said something in Spanish.  At that moment, I strongly sensed God saying "Pray.  Pray right now."  The urgency to pray was so overwhelming.  So, I stopped and prayed.  Then, that older man came up to us again and started talking very fast in Spanish.  I sensed we needed to pray with him in if it was in English.  Just as I was about to pray with him, Gustavo our guide came running up out of nowhere.  I told him we needed to pray with this man.  Gustavo asked the man some questions in Spanish, and then the man prayed to Jesus as His personal Lord and Savior! We gave him a Bible and he kissed it repeatedly.  He was so grateful. 

After that, we decided to prayer walk.  During this time, we were approached by 3 men who were looking for us to get Bibles.  Apparently, the word was spreading fast about "the people in the gold shirts" and  our message.  WOW!  Unfortunately, we were out of Bibles.  But, we vowed at that moment to buy more Spanish Bibles to give to people on the remainder of our trip.  The people in Quito are longing to know God and His Word.  AMAZING!!!

In the US, people think we are crazy if we share Christ on the streets.  In Ecuador, the people come looking FOR us on the streets because they are  hungry for the Savior!

Jesus said, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Go! I am sending you out like lambs among wolves." Luke 10:2-3

Will YOU go for God?  It may just be to go to your neighbor's house and invite them to church, or it may be to go to Ecuador to love on orphans.  No matter where it is, GO!  When you say yes to Him, He takes care of the rest.  Trust Him.  People need Jesus and they are desperate for Him.  Will you be obedient and GO?

Loving HIM with all my heart,

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  1. I have had such a strong urge to pray at different times today 10/6 Wednesday. I have stopped to pray. I can't wait to show this to Katie tomorrow.

    Funny story: I was also at La Mitad del Mundo when I heard someone speaking in English with a German accent. It was a girl who had been an exchange student to MY SCHOOL in PA the year before - FROM GERMANY! She was backpacking the Andes and we ran into each other. It was so random and SO COOL!!!