Friday, October 8, 2010

It can't be Friday already!!!

"For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen."
Romans 11:36

WOW!  I cannot believe it is Friday and time to go home!  This morning we did a little shopping at Fundacion Campamento Cristiano Esperanza, the school for low income and special needs children.  The special needs folks make crafts and jewelry to sell to raise money for more craft supplies.  After we finished shopping, there wasn't much left!

Then, we went to downtown Quito to do street ministry.  We initially brought 250 Spanish Bibles with us to Ecuador and ran out several days ago.  We purchased 100 more for the rest of the week.  With two suitcases filled with Bibles, we divided into 2 groups and hit the streets. 

My group went to a huge park, but only a few people were there.  We approached some of them and gave them Bibles and bracelets.  Then we met a sad looking young man.  He told our translator, Ignacio, that his mother had died so we gave him a Bible and prayed over him.  During our prayer, an older lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked for a Bible.  I gave her one and also her friend.  We only had about 15 minutes in the park before we had to be at our next place, but I know God sent us to the exact people He needed us to minister to today, especially the young man who lost his mother.

After the park, we went to COVI, a Christian ministry for street kids who live mainly at the large park we were at.  They do whatever it takes to survive.  So, drugs and teenage pregnancy are very prevelant.  We worked with the younger children who are at high risk of becoming street kids because they come to COVI in the morning.  The older street kids come in the afternoon.  COVI provides them with a shower, clean clothes, food, the Gospel and opportunities to earn a bed in their residential facility by meeting specific goals.
Everyone got a Bible and we did some crafts & shared the Gospel with them.

We bought ice cream for all of them from a vendor in the park.  They loved it.

Most schools in Quito require uniforms so that is why you see the kids dressed this way.

One of the young boys wanted to use my camera.  He took this picture of me and Angela.

After COVI, we went back to Casablanca for lunch and then to Jesus Divino - the facility for the children whose parent is in prison.  Since we had met them before on Wednesday, we were able to pick up where we had left off.  We played with them first and had such a good time.  Then, we did a craft and a Bible story. 

Cindy and Nicole encouraged the kids to learn how to double dutch.  Cindy is showing them how it's done!
Go Cindy!
The kids never gave up until they got it!!!  They did great!

Mia did a craft using their thumbprints to tell them there is no one else like them.  The kids did a self-portrait from their thumbprints.  We were blown away with their drawings and creativity.  They did a great job.
This is my little friend named Kevin.  When I first met him on Wednesday, I spent the afternoon chasing him and giving him the sign of "I've got my eyes on you."  So, he started doing it back to me. 
Kevin's laugh is contagious.
Mendy and Sean met a special young lady who had been there only 2 months.  She was going to see her mom for the first time on Saturday.  She was excited.  She got really attached to Mendy and Sean.
Here the kids are sitting on the porch of their school waiting for the Bible story....
singing fun songs led by Ignacio's wife....
waiting patiently to open their gifts from us (while we quickly fixed a mistake.)
This is my friend Nancy.  My daughter Faith gave me this stuffed animal to give to a child from her.  I chose Nancy.  She was very excited when I told her it was from my daughter just for her.

For the Bible story, all of the children (& some of the workers) sat on the steps of their school building.  As I told the story of creation, Ignacio translated.  He was very good at repeating what I said in Spanish and then explaining it further.  While I was speaking, I noticed a beautiful young lady sitting on the porch area.  I had not seen her before.  As I was telling the children that they were important to God and He had very special plans for each of them, my eyes locked with this young lady.  I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking to her. 

When we got finished, I went over to her and indtroduced myself - she spoke English.  Her name is Alexandra and she goes to college during the day and works with the children in the evenings.  She is studying film production and wants to move to the US to pursue her career.  She has family in the states (NYC and Chicago) and visits the US nearly every summer.  I felt led to share some of God's truthes with her, especially regarding who she is because of Christ and other things to really encourage her.  I was in tears about the entire time because the presence of the Lord was so strong.  It was overwhelming to me.  Here she is surrounded by children..... 

    Will you pray for Alexandra and her future with me?  Pray that she continues to seek God and His will.

I'm not sure anyone was ready to leave Jesus Divino.  It was hard, very hard to leave these children. 

After we got back to Casablanca and ate, we had a lice check party!!!  Several of the children at the government run orphanage had severe lice.  During the week, we washed our hair with Lice Prevention shampoo, a leave in spray, and tea tree oil, but we wanted to make sure it had worked.  Here are some pictures form this lovely party......


SARAH, the intern. 
She got a bottle of RID and a big Hershey's chocolate bar for her prize!
We love you Sarah!

After the party, it was time to pack.  The van was scheduled to pick us up at 3:00 a.m. for the airport.
 A little packing.....
blogging instead of sleeping.....
resting in the Lord.....

This team was absolutely UNBELIEVEABLE all week long with the children we had the privilege of meeting and ministering to.  No amount of lice, fear or language barrier stopped us from loving on them and meeting their needs.  Thank you Lord for the privilege of being Your hands, feet, and mouth this week.

Loving HIM with all my heart,

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