Monday, July 18, 2011

A Full Day of Ministry

It started with us folding and stamping 4,000 tracts.  What great team work!

Then, we took the public bus downtown and handed all of them out!  

Here is Stephen sharing the Gospel on the bus.

San Jose didn't know what hit them.  

While some people dared not make eye contact with us, most people took a tract.  And a lot of them actually stopped to read them.  Our translators told us that receiving the tract from us (being from the US) would make folks want to read them.

Several of our folks were able to talk with people and pray with them through our translators.  Sometimes we just had to listen to them in spanish and speak in english.  But love is a universal language!

After we finished, we spent some time with the pigeons.  They were everywhere.  People were feeding them, and the birds were going to the food.

Check out some of our bird tamers…

Buck was very concerned about his friends’ well being after they handled the birds.  So, he instantly dispensed hand sanitizer to each of them.

Next, we made a quick stop by the grocery store and bought enough food to feed 10 families in need.  We took the food to a local pastor, and he took us to meet these families.

How humbling!

Then we made a Wal-Mart run (it’s a youth tradition, even in Costa Rica) and bought sandwich supplies to feed the homeless. 

After dinner, we made 80 sandwiches and packed them along with juice boxes, cookies & The Gospel to take to the streets. 
We were not allowed to take our cameras to this outreach opportunity so I don’t have any pictures.  But, we got off our bus, lined up, and handed out 80 bags of food in less than 5 minutes! WOW!  There were so many people in need.

During my quiet time this morning, my devotional said that the main purpose for going on a mission trip is to be conformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ for God’s glory.  And today, we had the privilege of following in His footsteps and growing one step closer.

Loving HIM with all my heart & soul,

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