Saturday, July 16, 2011

It's GO time!

Okay, I only have 7 minutes because I am determined to go to bed by midnight.  We (Tanner & I) leave for Costa Rica in the morning.  We are pretty excited!

I think there are 25 on our team.  We will be working with an orphanage doing VBS and some maintenance, feeding the homeless, door to door evangelism, handing out tracts etc.

Please pray for our team.  Pray for unity.  Pray for our obedience to God's will.  Pray for us to minister in God's strength and not our own.  Pray for the sweet orphans we will have the privilege of loving.  Pray for everyone we meet. Pray for them to see & experience the love of Jesus Christ. 

If we have internet access, I will blog each night. 

Okay, my time is up.  PLEASE PRAY.......

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