Friday, July 22, 2011

Wednesday & Thursday Updates - ALMOST

It is past our bedtime here in Costa Rica.  Everyone is in bed except me.  I promised I would upload pictures today so I want to be true to my word.

The internet is very, very slow.  For the past hour, I haven't had any internet access at all in my room.  So, I'm currently sitting outside in the dark trying to upload pictures.  I have a ton I want to share, but I'm not sure how many will actually make the cut.


We are staying at the Score International villa.  Score owns other property about 20 minutes from here.  There is a lot of land there, and they have big plans to move most of their ministry to that location.  So on Wednesday morning, we went to that property to help out with some projects.

One team washed windows.

One team worked on the drainage ditch.

One team painted & got biten by large flying insects.

One team raked & bagged grass that had been cut the day before.

One team cut very, very tall grass with machetes.

We all worked hard for several hours.  We were pretty tired.

After lunch, we went to a Christian "orphanage."  A ministry run by Sandy, her husband, and some friends.  They take care of children who the government deems "unadoptable" due to their age or physical limitations. 

This huge family of 26 was incredible.  They were so welcoming and very well-mannered.  They probably ministered more to us than we did to them!

We had fun hanging out & playing with them.  We played basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, and some organized games like anatomy.  We made salvation bracelets too. All of the kids seemed to have a really good time.

The younger kids played on the swings, blew bubbles, and chase.

This sweet 2 year old girl has a story.  When she was only a few months old, her mom would put her in a stroller in their house and leave her there for hours while she went out.  The neighbors constantly heard her crying and ended up calling the police.  She was placed with Sandy & her family for "a short period of time."  They are praying she will be able to stay with them for good.  She just loves to be held!

This young man has epilepsy.  He has numerous seizures everyday.  He likes to lay here in the living room.  Jeff gave him a salvation bracelet and explained the colors to him.  It was precious!

Meet Kevin.  He was born with CP.  He just recently went to the Shriners Hospital in Tampa FL for major surgery to straighten his legs so he can walk by himself.  He is currently going through intensive physical therapy.  What a trooper!

This is JoJo and he shared his testimony with us.  He was literally left by his birth mother on Sandy's doorstep when he was only a few days old.  He now has a strong relationship with Jesus.  What an inspiration! 


We also shared a Bible story with them as well as the Gospel by using a Victory Sports bracelet.  Danielle shared her testimony too.  Good job Danielle!

Right before we left, we gave each child a card & a picture from some of the young people (Uptown & youth) from our church.  We will be sharing these pictures with the children in Uptown when school starts back.  We hope it helps our children to understand that they can make a difference in the life of a child in another country by doing something as simple as making a card for them.

Then, the family of 26 sang 2 songs for us.  It was so very special!  They made God smile and us cry!

Well, I do not have time for Thursday right now.  Uploading took too long.  I'll post about Thursday later today.

Keep praying for us as our trip comes to an end.  God is working through us and in us.

Loving HIM with all my heart & soul,

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