Monday, February 21, 2011

God's Got My Mascara Running! The Insurance Co.'s Got Me Screaming!

I'm just going to say it...I TOLD YOU SO!

Yes sir, right here on January 25  I told you that God was setting the stage to do some things only He could do.

Since that day, I've been keeping a little list of God's provisions regarding our finances.  Here are a few of them.....

1)  God impressed upon the heart of my dear friend Tina to line up more meals for me & my family.  When Tina first mentioned it, I told her the ladies at MOPS were already bringing food 2 nights a week.  We were fine.  Tina's response - "Sounds like we need to add some more meals!"  By the end of that night, she had meals lined up for 2 more nights each week during radiation!  THANK YOU FOR BEING OBEDIENT TINA!!! (There is more to this story but I'm saving it for another post coming soon!)

This is my "sneaky" friend Sheri who brought us a FABULOUS dinner on Thursday.  She also brought us 2 more dinners to be frozen for later that she didn't tell me were coming.  She just showed up with them!  THANK YOU SHERI!!!   One of those dinners was eaten for Sunday lunch as a matter of fact!  WHAT A BLESSING! 

Here is my friend Karin and her daughter Keely.  They brought dinner Friday night and Karin was even wearing her "Fight Like a Girl" shirt!  Dinner was WONDERFUL, and we had just enough leftovers for lunch Saturday.  THANK YOU KARIN!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I can't tell you how thankful I am not to have to cook after radiation every day and what a HUGE DIFFERENCE these meals have made in our grocery bill!  H-U-G-E.  I am extra grateful of this savings because...

2)  During the month of January, there was a mistake on my husband's paychecks.  Money was being taken out for the old insurance plan (that we no longer have) AND the new insurance plan we now have.  The new plan is expensive enough by itself without paying for a 2nd plan we don't have!!!  Anyway, after tithing, paying our mortgage and then our regular household bills, there was no money left over for our usual grocery budget.  BUT, GOD PROVIDED FOR US THROUGH THE MEALS PEOPLE BROUGHT AND THROUGH GIFT CARDS PEOPLE GAVE US!!!!!  ONLY GOD!  

My husband's paycheck has since been corrected, and he has been reimbursed by the corporate office for his overpayments.  THANK YOU LORD!  But while we waited several weeks for these corrections to take place, God provided for my family!  And YOU were a big part of His provision!!!  THANK YOU!

3)  At a Children's Ministry training we had recently at church, I won a door prize.  It was a gift card to a local restaurant.  We used it for Valentine's Day.  So, we did not pay any money out of our pocket for our dinner.  We used coupons to grab the kids' dinner at Chick-fil-a.  We also had a special code for Red Box that night and were able to get a free movie!!!  Talk about a cheap date!!!  And to think people spend lots and lots of money on Valentine's! 

4)  My daughter brought home a notice from chorus at school about a spring musical she will be singing in soon.  It stated that she would need to wear a bright colored polo shirt.  She of course didn't already have one.  Then I received a spend $10 get $10 off coupon in the mail from JCPenney.  So, I stopped by JCPenney last week.  They had lots of colorful polo shirts and they were on sale for $10!!!!!!  With my coupon, no money came out of my pocket to buy the shirt Faith needed!!!  God just makes me SMILE!!!  

5)  Then, God decided to blow our minds this past week by answering a prayer we thought was only a loooooooong shot.  Remember the $16,000+ hospital bill I told you about.  Well, my husband has spoken to the billing department at the hospital on several occasions.  Before they would consider working with us, they have certain steps they wanted us to take. 

The first step is applying for Medicaid.  There is a special short-term Medicaid program designed for people diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer who either do not have insurance or whose insurance will not pay for cancer treatment. 

The second step is applying for financial aid through CMC hospital just like you would at a college.  The hospital tries to find assistance for you through cancer organizations etc.

After reviewing the 2 applications & their criteria, it appeared I would not qualify for Medicaid or for very much financial aid.  But, I had to apply to satisfy the hospital.  So, last Sunday afternoon, my sweet husband sat down with me for hours as I filled out these applications and gathered all of the info. they wanted.  I was so tired I went to bed as soon as I was finished.  My vision was blurred and I was exhausted.

The hospital application was put in the mail.  The Medicaid application was faxed - all 23 pages of it!!!  Only two of the pages were the actual application form.  The other 21 pages were all personal info they requested.

Due to fax machine issues, I had to call and speak directly to the Medicaid person.  She told me she would need to talk with our old insurance company about the type of policy we had.  Then she would let me know if I was even eligible to apply for assistance.

She called me back on Friday afternoon to tell me.....

My old insurance policy qualifies me to be considered AND she decided to APPROVED ME FOR ASSISTANCE!!!!!!  I asked her if she was joking and she said no.  I asked her if she was sure I was not being watched by hidden cameras for my reaction when she told me "Just Kidding!"  She laughed and assured me again she was telling me the truth.

Through tears and running mascara, I told her how good God is and how He had just used her to answer prayer!  

So, what this means is that Medicaid will pay for my treatment from October 2010 to December 2010 - my biopsy, MRI, & surgery.  We have already paid some bills, and it will be our responsibility to get them to reimburse us (fun times!)  Since we changed insurance companies in January 2011, our new policy is responsible for radiation etc.  WOW!!! What an answered prayer!!!  

I was feeling quite emotional and undeserving.  So I asked God why He did this for me.  He brought 2 things to mind: 

1) My friend Leann sent me a text message on Jan. 30 that said "Not sure what is going on in your world but I have been praying last night and this morning for you.  Praying Nehemiah 13:31 "Remember me (Nancy) with favor, my God."  Leann had been praying for me to have FAVOR with God!!!  God chose to have favor on me all because my precious friend asked Him too.  He was answering her specific prayer!!! 

2) At MOPS on Friday morning, my prayer warrior friend Faye told me "You are being prayed for more than you know!" 



God was answering your prayers!  I can't tell you what that means to me.  THANK YOU!

Keep your seat belts on because GOD IS JUST GETTING STARTED!!! 


And the next adventure starts NOW.....

Satan is after my joy again!  Last night right before I went to bed, I was looking to see if a particular doctor was covered under our new insurance.  When I pulled up our account on the computer, I was NOT listed on the plan!  Only Shawn and the 2 children were listed.  I have an insurance card but apparently, I never made it into the computer!!! 

I was not happy.  I was exhausted.  I got a little upset and started ranting about not having enough energy to do my own job much less someone else's! ETC. ETC. ETC.  My poor husband.  Yall need to pray for him!  Anyway, it just seems that we are constantly finding mistakes with our medical bills and now with the new insurance company.  ALWAYS DOUBLE AND TRIPLE CHECK YOUR MEDICAL BILLS!!!!!

Well, now that I've gotten a little rest and can see clearly again, I'm excited to see what God is up to with all of this.  His ways are not our ways!  Thankfully His ways are perfect!

Loving HIM with all my heart & soul,

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