Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Perfect Place for Perfectionists

Every Monday at radiation is "picture" day.  X-rays are taken to ensure nothing has changed, and everything is still lining up correctly.  They want to make certain the radiation is going to the right place!

Picture day takes longer and requires me to lay still on the table until they have made any necessary adjustments.  This past Monday, something wasn't lining up the way they wanted it to so I had to remain motionless for about 30 minutes until they figured it out.  Normally, I am only on the table for 5 minutes or less.

When I arrived on Tuesday, I was told Dr. Bobo, my radiologist, wanted one more picture.  It ended up taking over 30 minutes this time, and Dr. Bobo even came in to make sure I was set up correctly.  Two pictures were exactly right, but the third one was off.  So, they were making all kinds of adjustments to correct it.

The staff is absolutely wonderful!  They were apologizing for the delay and constantly checking on me.  I told them not to worry about me.  Radiation is the ONLY place I can go and hear these words... "You just relax and let us do ALL the work." 

I have to go to radiation everyday just to get some rest!  

Anyway, once I was finally adjusted, "art class" began.  All of my markings were updated and covered with new stickers.  The staff explained that the adjustments they have to make are all in MILLIMETERS - tiny, tiny, tiny.  They apologized again for being so picky.  I thanked them for it.

FINALLY, THE PERFECT PLACE FOR PERFECTIONISTS!!!  Maybe I should consider changing careers... 

Note to self - don't assume that Monday is the only long day on the table at radiation.  If you have been drinking water all day and think you may need the little girl's room then go BEFORE your treatment.  Don't think "I can wait 5 more minutes."  Five minutes just may turn into 35 minutes!  I'm just saying... 

Loving HIM with all my heart & soul,

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  1. Nancy,
    It was so good to see you this morning. I know what you told me, but it blesses me to be able to bless you in small ways when I have the energy. So, quiet down and accept it, ok?

    Love you, my sweet sister!!

    Shawna Lee