Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Garage Sale Chronicles - Part 3

It Takes More Than a Village!

I am so grateful for my friends!  I often ask God why He chooses to bless me so!  There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY this garage sale would have ever happened without them!  EVER!

A week before the sale, I got a call from my friend Tina, the garage sale guru.  She is the woman with the plan!!!  We decided to meet at Sheri's garage early on Saturday morning Oct. 8 to start organizing, sorting & pricing. 

Tina of course was the first one there.  She beat me by about 15 or 20 minutes and already had things well under way.  THANK YOU TINA!!!

My friend Rene volunteered to help with prep work too.  Her neighbor Deanne, who gave us our first donations after her yard/moving sale, still had some furniture that she needed us to pick up for our sale.  Fortunately, my husband had the day off from work and was able to meet Rene at Deanne's house. 

 Rene also recruited her son Daniel and his muscles to help.  Thanks Daniel!

Here's my hubby moving the furniture.  Note Tina in fast motion beside him
just pricing away!

Here's Sheri's beautiful daughter Kaylee testing out the chairs for us.

We worked for several hours.  Did I mention that I'm so thankful for my friends??!!!

While sorting clothes, I found this...
a shirt made in Zimbabwe AFRICA!  Just a little reminder of why we were doing the garage sale in the first place.  God is so good!

These ladies thought we were already having the sale and they stopped by to shop.  They were our first customers - a week early.  We made $27.00 that day - YAY GOD!

 Here's Tina (left) and Rene (right) having lots of fun!

This is what the garage looked like when we left for the day.

 When I got home, here's what I had waiting for me on the porch from my friend Tonia!

On Sunday after church, I went by Tina's house and picked up more donations that my friend Heidi had given her.

My van was so full with Tonia's donations in the back & Heidi's in the middle that Faith Wrenn had to lay down in the backseat all the way home!

Once at home, I got a text about some furniture that my friend Stacey wanted to donate.  Shawn & I went to pick it up after lunch.
 And check out God's perfect timing!  Stacey's next door neighbors are Audrey & Jared, who also go to our church.  Jared pulled up just in time to help Shawn move furniture!  My back is forever grateful!

 As it turns out, Audrey had some things to donate too.  YAY!!!
Here's Stacey (left) and Audrey (right).  THANKS LADIES!!!

One of Tina's pearls of garage sale wisdom was to have tables, tables, and more tables.  Things sell better if people can see them easily.  And the tables we had were already full.  So, on Saturday morning after unloading the furniture, Shawn and Daniel went to pick up 5 or 6 tables from my friend Gail.

Thanks Gail!!!  By the time we left on Saturday, these tables were full too!

I put a request for more tables on Facebook.  My friend Monique posted it on her fb page too and 2 of her friends immediately responded!

This is Laura.  She did not know me, but she let me borrow her tables anyway! 

This is Angie.  We were in MOPS together last year, but we had never met each other personally.  Yet, she also let me borrow her tables. 
Doesn't God just amaze you?  I love watching Him work!

Check out this sweet family: Teresa, Gordon & Ryan.  You will hear more about them, along with their other son Brandon, in Part 4 (the day of the actual sale.)  Prior to the sale, they let me borrow tables, and they made lots of donations!  THANK YOU!!!

 Even at night, in the dark & rain - THANKS JAMIE!

And during the work day - THANKS MOM AND AUNT MELYNDA!

And on her day off - THANKS CATHY!

These are Sheri's neighbors who donated tables and helped set up & work the sale bright & early on Saturday morning!  We had never met before.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Bill and Anita donated some things and stopped by to encourage us - while going through chemo treatments!  We are praying for you ANITA!

Kathy dropped off some donations & got to hang out with Kaylee too!  BONUS! 

On Thursday, God blessed me with some incredible helpers!

Diane started out by helping Sheri pack the playroom inside.  But, then she ended up helping me outside.  THANKS DIANE!

Being pregnant didn't stop Audrey from coming to help for several hours.  

Here's Debbie working hard AFTER her doctor's appointment and physical therapy!  WOW!  THANKS DEBBIE!

Now, here's a true friend!  Heidi covered up her Clemson shirt for the picture withOUT me having to ask!  And the hours she put into the sale were just beginning.  THANKS HEIDI!

Let me introduce you to "The Hole" underneath Sheri & Bradd's house filled with stuff for the garage sale!!!  S.C.A.R.Y.

So, God in all of His faithfulness sent these wonderful, brave folks to tackle "The Hole!"  They came to my rescue during their Life Group meeting time!

From left to right: Tim, Sean, Mendy & Jenny
And in about an hour and 15 minutes, they had EVERYTHING organized and priced!!!  OUTSTANDING!!!
As they walked down the driveway to leave, I was overcome with emotion.  The presence of God was so strong.  I knew I was looking at the hands & feet (& sinuses) of Jesus!!!
Greg and Chris
See how excited they were too!!!  There is NO WAY "The Hole" would have been ready for the garage sale without them!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Sean was having an Ecuador flashback!

Ashley is a part of the Life Group too.  She graciously helped me in the garage. THANKS ASHLEY!  *Ashley and Greg also brought several tables with them for us to use from their next door neighbor Shannon (who's in Bible study with me.)  THANKS SHANNON!

 Check out our garage sale mascot...thanks for volunteering Greg!

Susan also dropped off a donation and bought this fantastic glider rocker while she was there.  This is exactly what she was looking for.  Susan and her family are adopting a baby girl from India & she needed a rocker.  God's provision!

Let me also mention that my friend Rene helped me on this day too.  She drove to Indian Land to pick up some donations from Janet (from church.)  THANKS JANET!  She also brought some donations from Barbara (from church.)  THANKS BARBARA!  What a TREMENDOUS help and friend - THANKS SO VERY MUCH RENE!

After more than 12 hours of unpacking, organizing, sorting, folding, and pricing today, here are the fruits of our labor.  It's a bit overwhelming, huh??!!!

Only one more day of prep before the big sale. I see an all nighter in my future!

Oh, it definitely takes more than a village.  It takes the body of Christ.

Amongst all of the crazy garage sale prep, I was still able
to have lunch with one of my favorite college students!  
Thanks for hanging out with me, Lauren :)

Loving HIM with all my heart & soul,

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