Thursday, January 13, 2011

THANKFUL THURSDAY (& Friday, & Saturday, & Sunday, & Monday, & Tuesday, & Wednesday...)

I have been sharing with you the many, many thoughtful and delicious things people have blessed me with since I have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Due to the holidays, 4 family birthdays, and grieving the end of Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel (just kidding - mostly :), I have been a little slack.  So, I want to share some more with you now - better late than never, right?

 *Disclaimer:  I have taken pictures of everything so I can always remember how gracious God has been to me through YOU.  But, something has happened to the way my camera stores the pictures I take.  The pictures do not come up in chronological order when I view them.  I have tried to correct it, but haven't figured it out yet.  With that being said, I may have overlooked a picture or two.  That is the only reason your gift would not be included on the blog.  BUT I HAVE NOT OVERLOOKED YOU!!!  I have prayed for you and asked God to bless you for your kindness.

This one-of-a-kind bracelet was made by my friend Cindy.  It was the very first pink breast cancer item I received.  THANK YOU CINDY!  I wore it this weekend, and my friend Rene saw it from a distance and thought the ribbons were the Christian fish symbol.  Then she mentioned being fishers of men.  From now on, when I see the breast cancer ribbon, it will remind me to be a fisher of men!!!  Breast cancer is a HUGE ministry opportunity.  So many people with cancer are longing for HOPE.

My friend Shawna Lee actually gave me the shirt off her back out of her closet!  But not before she sent me this very encouraging e-mail after learning I had cancer... "Got up this morning and put my "Fight like a Girl" t-shirt on for you.  We will be praying, sweetie.  GOD is good, ALL the time!!"   She also made me the yellow bracelet.  THANK YOU!!!

One of the most amazing gifts you all have given me is your words of encouragement & prayers.  I have saved every single one of your encouraging e-mails so I can go back and read them any time I need to.  THANK YOU!!!

This book and a few others have been loaned to me by my friend Sally from church.  She is a breast cancer survivor herself and has answered lots of my questions.  THANK YOU SALLY!  You have really helped me.

These 2 gifts (above and below) are from my friend Susan.  When she gave me the "Facing Cancer" cards, she told me to be sure to pass it on when I was finished with it.  There are lots of cards with Scripture on one side and practical encouragement related to cancer on the back.  THANK YOU SUSAN!   **We really enjoy Olive Garden too! 

Also, THANK YOU TO THE LADIES AT MY MOPS TABLE for the Carraba's gift card.  It did not last long!  THANK YOU!

Check out my RAINBOW cup and the pretty bag it came in.  THANK YOU MENDY & SEAN!!!  I use this cup all the time and am reminded of God's presence and promises.  THANK YOU!

This creative gift came from my friend Faye at church.  All 7 of these things were wrapped, and she told me to open one a day for a week.  The reason: so I would know she was thinking of me and praying for me every day.  How thoughtful is that??!!!  THANK YOU FAYE!  *I almost bought a puzzle book for myself at the Dollar Store a few days before I received this one from Faye.  Isn't God amazing??!!!  He cares about everything in our lives, even a puzzle book!

Amen!!!  This is from my sister.  THANK YOU COLE for bringing me more joy!

Here are my friends Angela and Jeannine.  We had a DELICIOUS lunch together at Angela's house, along with lots of laughs.  Spending time with you guys was so much fun!  THANK YOU!!!  And THANK YOU JEANNINE for sending dinner home with me that night too!  And THANK YOU ANGELA in advance for the pedicure!!!

Joy & Hope - I got not 1 but 2 ornaments in the same gift box at our Tuesday Morning Bible Study ornament exchange.  Joy is "my thing" and Hope is "my friend Cindy's thing."  She wasn't able to come that morning, but she still got her ornament!  God is so awesome!!!

YUMMY! What a treat to come home and find this waiting for me along with an uplifting note from my friend Ruth!  THANK YOU RUTH from me AND my family!!!

This is another one of God's unexpected blessings.  I had been craving pears for several days.  I had a jar of home canned pears and couldn't wait to eat them.  I was so excited (I know, it doesn't take much!)  But when I opened the jar, the pears were bad, really bad.  Air had obviously gotten in.  I was sooo disappointed.  Then a day or 2 later, the doorbell rang and look what was delivered...... PEARS along with lots of other goodies!!!  This was from my friend Angie and her family!  THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!  This is how God works through one person to bless another.  WOW!!!   

I'd been wanting a candle that smelled like Christmas.  At Tanner's birthday party, my aunt Robin gave me this.  Guess what it smells like??!!!  CHRISTMAS!  That's my God!  THANK YOU ROBIN! 

Check out this was a special surprise from my friend Jacona!!!  The word "LIFE" is imprinted around the tree too.  I love this necklace!  THANK YOU JACONA!!!  THANK YOU!!!

This is our youth group's name & symbol - gotta love the tree!  This weekend, our youth will be having their annual Disciple Now weekend.  About 2 weeks ago, we had a parents' meeting about this event where we completed paperwork and provided payment.  While I was there, my friend Gail looked at me and said she wanted to pay for Tanner.  What??!!!  She insisted.  I cried.  O-V-E-R-W-H-E-L-M-E-D.  THANK YOU GAIL!!!  More than you will ever know.  This is how God works through His children, for His children.  He is AMAZING!

This delicious meal was delivered today by my friend Tracy.  The plan was to freeze it for next week when I start radiation.  However, I started work today (I do bookkeeping during tax season) and was tired.  It's tough using your brain all day!  Anyway, I had planned a meal for dinner but soon discovered I was missing some ingredients. TRACY, YOU SAVED THE DAY!!  THANK YOU!!! WHAT A BLESSING!!!!

I can't thank you all enough - for everything!  You are absolutely wonderful!  I am asking God to blow your minds with His abundant blessings!  Watch out, because He will!

"At the moment I have all I need—and more! I am generously supplied with the gifts you sent me (with Epaphroditus.)  They are a sweet-smelling sacrifice that is acceptable and pleasing to God.  And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from His glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.

Now all glory to God our Father forever and ever! Amen."  Phil. 4:18-20

Loving HIM with all my heart & soul,

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